I love you!

​Love burns all untrue aspects of self, the other!

Faces dissolves, doubts & fears transforms into shimmering faith.

Your heart always know the true face of the beloved. You take the quest, pilgrimage to true love. You lose every image of self, you feel the heat of love on your bare skin, lava of wanting to be whole, to be One. To touch and be touched with life, with love, with the beloved of all.

I am my man, I am my woman, I am all I ever wanted. 

I am pure passion of God, fertile breath of Earth, 

I am agony of desire, I am waterfall of orgasm.

I am the answer of all questions.

Here, now, embrace me with your fire and joy,

With your nakedness and blade of truth.

I melt, I flow, I flower, I die and reborn.

Honor your heart, speak, dance, write, creative, make love your fire, your passion.

It is time for rivers to join, tribes of love, celebrate our homecoming, our joy of our bodies, our sacred souls in dance with all.

Take a few hours, listen to your heart, the song has never changed. 

I love You. ❤

Serena Seraphim