New Civilization & way of Wizards

Knowing is a gentle breeze from beyond, rising within center of soul. It becomes gravity of changeable seasons of heart, on passage of growth.

Every step of the way, we write a story, by our feeling, thought and action. We mostly wish for love and safety. Our minds want to know our ending, and our hearts want to love and be loved.


Wizards are a strange walkers on land of Earth. Usually they shape shift and are masters in disguised. They are not storytellers, they do not work with love and happy endings. They are an agent of mystery and magic. They move through time and space without attracting much attention. Even in our 21 century with so much rise of awareness and frequency, they walk anonymous between humans. They work with invisible sides of life, normally what they see and can use in their magic never appears and manifest, until the last moment of unfolding.  And suddenly the entire planet shifts by one act of a true wizard.

People mistaken teachers and preachers by wizards! Their work in silence and away from curiosity of the world. They choose their landing, their pupils. They choose the medicine they work with. The knowing in them is ageless and space less. Some of them are arrivals from different planets and dimensions. They serve universe and they remedy for earth people could be bitter or even poison as many humans have lost the purity of their heart and souls are out of gravity of love.

By entering the Aquarius age, we entered to a gateway of energy, currently beyond our understanding. Many humans are experiencing shifts and upgrade in their physical bodies and urge to give birth to their truth. Some of these humans have been through many challenges and trails of mastery for the last 15 years to be prepared for this major entry into this new energy field.

Climate warming is one of the effects, in coming few years, we will see more of this unnoticed energy changing the face of earth, governments and different geographic locations.

We also will see, new type of humans, walking on earth, they are builders of a new civilizations. This process will happen in the coming 50 years and it will not be an easy transformation. The leaders of the world need to be replaced and to save the life of planet earth, humanity will need to master their ego and allow the shift from self-center life to Global center life.

Borders between privilege and unprivileged countries need to be removed. We need to one government, one center, LIFE.

This is not theology or prediction, this is the map of Universe, and all information is available in Akasha recording. It is possible for each human to access and download if they are arrived to the level of wisdom and love that indicate oneness and one service, LIFE.

The new civilization will not be led by spiritual teachers and masters. Every tasks within service already designed and are in process of completion. The new Civilization will be led by Wizards. The masters of time and space, they are engineers of Divine and beyond, descended to earth reality for specific task! New Civilization!

Their DNA is coded by Divine master plan, they are still walking on earth, unknown faces between crowds. They have no ties to earth, means no children, no family bond or positions. They are the true leaders of our future. As they only serve Divine and have no concern to enlightened humanity or end their suffering.

Wizards are planted on earth over centuries and their magic and power lies in visions, backward movement through time and space. Knowing from beyond and mastery of staying behind veils and never reveal their power and wisdom in ordinary contents and contacts.

In history, wizards are known as myth and sorcerer.  In truth of creation, they are master alchemists. They are God’s engineers, part of a decoding of magic which by Humans expansion known and practiced as Science.

The future of earth depends on the gathering of these wizards to plant the structure of a new earth civilization. They might not even at this moment know who they are and what is really coded within their energy field. The knowing in their heart, the great vision of this master plan already shown to them.

The world as we knew and used to is about to change, fast and in some areas completely destructive and deadly. Fear and rage will be major part of emotional reaction to these transformations. Many countries including USA will be split in few pieces and announce their independency. This will be the beginning of this major changes.

Our everyday counts. Every thought, feeling and action creates a wave of energy, from individual to collective ones. It is important to stay in present. Let heart and mind find balance. All actions should rise without attachment with outcomes of any. Small or large.

We have been living in separation for centuries, it is time to understand the purpose of creation, the movement of universe, nature and earth. We also need to know or at least consider life beyond earth. We will meet different forms of life in future of earth, we call them ET, UFO and so on…. The truth is, we lived so little, so small over eras of our landing on earth that we forgot the greatness of our mind and power of heart which is the center of soul.

What is really happening on earth is not awakening, is activating… Enlightenment was a journey of monks and seekers over time, but that was only arriving to one level of Omnipresent and alignment with life. They are many more levels we shall travel and experience, in form and in formless.

We are eternal energy of life. We are everything and have access to all data of universe and galaxies.

It is time to re-turn to original imprint of Divine. To be so present that we witness this activation and power that comes with it. We are here to manifests all possibilities and that is just the starting point of this SHIFT.

We are globally activated in collective consciousness, and it is speeding up because of the importance of Earth. Only on earth, we appear as Humans, we need to understand our future cannot be separated from Gia/Earth. We have to embrace everything and be responsible for all realities we choose to experience. Inner and outer in physical and also the link between us and the entire Creation, visible and invisible.

Wizards are angels of service. They appear to fulfil their assign tasks and their life on earth might be short or very long. We are entering in a new experiences of our oneness and wizards stands on different locations of earth, to design, guide and build the plan of a new humans civilizations.

The way of wizards, is a back-warding future, it is a process of remembering how to connect dots as they saw the original design in eyes of God and now, they are engineering it on earth.

It is time to really surrender to our blue print, whatever it is. Each soul knows the tribe their belong to, the work their assigned to. It is not about human purpose, we have passed that. We are codes, activated in electromagnetic ocean as waves and links, to be manifested and also create by surrendering to our essence/coding.

So if things are not working as you want them, step back, sit with universe and let data comes.

Only in our direct connection with entire universe, we can unfold our journey on earth, that why so many of us feel strange, unfamiliar and uncertain of our next step and movements. We are still looking into earth, we have to close our earthy eyes and look into Universe, tune into heart to  hear the music, so we can dance our song.

Be brave to be magical. Be Original.

Serena Seraphim

June 2017