Moments of wonder

​Good morning friends,

My life has been an exciting and wonderful adventure of self discovery and realization. I never lived a dull moment apart from few years of corporate life in London and that feels life time ago.

I came to Cyprus with head full of plans and strategy to have a home here. I brought my belonging and took actions and steps toward this manifestation. But I wasn’t truthful to my heart and soul and it took the entire last few months to process believes and deep self inquiry to let my personality drops completely and surrender to bigger plan of Divine.

We go to depth of fear and limitation, all created by lack and separation to transcend and integrate to higher vibration of self/soul. 

I will continue this wonder of my life with no plan, only alignment within and therefore without.

By let go, we open up to new arrival of experiences, which always offer a playground to learn and expand.
9 years ago I had no idea of who I am and today I have no idea of who I am! Words are the same, but depth has changed, one came with face and name, and ego, the other one, is boundless, formless and free. I am no longer a person, or have a structure for exterior of my life. I can have and enjoy every bit of it, I also can easily detach and let things drop. Body is here, in my case, it requires more attention and care as I only allow myself to feel it existence recently and it take time to develop a loving relationship. 

Also there has been a deep change in the way, I want to conduct my gifts into service. It gas become clear that working from small self, being a creative coach, artist and so longer represent my true essence and as myself going off the grit by end of June, my website, work also deepens by heart centre and flow of truth as it wishes to be expressed through my being.
We are here as life and be always tune in to our eternal joy than trying to feel joyful by actions. We are the observer and creator of our realities but not in the sense we think about it, more on how we feel toward ourselves and then project into the mirror of the world.
Freedom is the path of truth and requires only one thing from us, self/God Love, the rest is just a play of creation. Nothing is really real, except Your presence as part of One. 

We really do not need to do anything except realize our own perfection, our joy of being God like.

Love all