Shooting star, new poem 

From one wave to another one,

Heart jumps,

Eyes cry

Lips smile.

And the inner child knows

Her journey is full of bliss!

She might feel alone, fearful and confused

These are all good, her veins are full of blood, humanness and spontaneous thrive into music of her soul.

No going back to who she was,

No need to explain, justify, escape.

It is always in her, with her.

The silent friend.

The holder of her flame, the wanderer in the garden of faith.

Let begin a new phase!

Packing light, 

Lose the cover and walk bare-soul.
It is so simple,

To be here without knowing 

Where tomorrow takes her.

She has become the silence of love,

Like air, like a soft dream.

Like a child visiting a fanfare!

Sparking light, an invitation to a life

Without borders, and no centre.

The wonderful joy to dance

Between God’s arms,

Meeting everything 

In sameness of smile 

In freedom of present.

Today, the child, the woman, the soul

All are One.

Story has ended in peaceful flight 

Into love of Now.

The little girl,

Jump and be a shooting Star 

Above all waves

Shine into the dark night

Whisper the song of hope

One last breath

Before a new dawn.
Serena Seraphim

15 June 2017