Dream of you- repost

There are veils,

Between you and I.

Desires to unfold
Remove the cloths
from our fleshes.
The curves of mine
Lead your fingers
To the undiscovered beginnings.
In depth of our ecstasy,
My passion wraps her legs
Around your urge for homecoming.

Moist and warm,
Fertile womb
Full of desire for harmony
Opens up the tight path of self realization
Offers her wholeness
To the pushing flames of love,
In receiving,
The wild tiger, free of a cage
Dive deep in and out,
Merges the two breaths in one.
Nakedness full of our fluid,
Flows between our clays.
Eternity we become.

Every time,
Your eyes meet mine.
The tiger within jumps
Into the dream of fulfillment
To enjoy his prey.
When we make love,
Orgasm falls inside of us.
Over and over
Our hearts and souls in cry
Lust and joy
For more to come.

I must close my eyes,
To live the dream.
Our dream of one
Is the home, I return.

What dream do I live now?
Heart is burning
Since our last making love.
I am tracking the footsteps of my beloved.
Under the sun, moon and stars.

The madness of love,
Giving up the heart to longing
Constant intimacy
With the dream
To be with the One.

It is the path of the fools,
Walking through
Dark veils and hard walls
With nothing,
Except the burning heart.
Crossing deadly storms and whirlpools,
Love reaches to the beloved shores.

What dream am I living now?
When your silence is the answer
Of all cries and tears.

I became naked of all desires,
To be your prey,
To be Joy and delight
Surrender to warmth of your breath.
Open and moist,
To welcome you, home.
To return, to where I belong.

To give you
My heart and soul,
To live
Our dream of One.
Where I end
And we begin…

My beloved,
Hunt this prey,
Feast or fast
Flesh, heart and soul,
I am all yours.

© Serena Devi, June 2010, Canada, Toronto