Eat my fruit


In a breath of silence;
two shadows meet and melt
in small dew drops on open lips of an Iris.
In the gaps,  wind roars,
the scent of love ascends
the seashell sings
the red rose blooms,
the dream of life fades away
in a shape of a bird,
a floating cloud
the beloved of my heart
my soul, my one true song;
the unbearable love with all the sweet names
and ache that breaks all bones
all through the white days
and all through the dark nights
captive beneath the blue sea
seduced and aroused by affection of his eyes;
oh forbidden fruit
has fallen between my palms,
” eat me and enjoy the thirst
that comes with each bite; for more,
the fruit of love
the dream of stone, sky, ocean and standing trees,
rise with white air above the majestic mountains
” YOU”, the passion of my soul;
settle in the heart of everything,
in the glow of your silence,
Earth grows and love birds travel in trance;
into the unknown tomorrow;
eat my fruit and vanish in joy of glory;
you are the presence within presence,
my soul, the Beloved is what you are.

Serena Devi, May 2013