I am God

Silence gets deeper with every breath. This new dimension is a purified bridge into heart of one. Feelings rise and pass, like floating clouds and suddenly eyes see the sun! Still, glorious and powerful. 

Enchanted beauty of creation speak wordless, yet everything is heard. 

Is this “I” or forever “we”, writing, gazing and opening to more of light. My heart fails the language of humans, she is mesmerised with songs of birds, gentle sound of rain and ache in my feminine body that is stretched to embrace and accept life as it waves through her breasts of wanting …to be of use, to be nectar of heaven, dropping from lips of God.

I am that joy, 

I am that abundance and generosity 

Which dies to every moment 

Which reborn in fluid of love

From every parts of her human body.

Rivers that once took her away from heaven,

Now, carry her as the mother, the beating life of earth, to ultimate of all desires

Merge and disappear in Breath of God.

Such a love does exist.

Such a devotion is true.

We speak in riddles and read energy, while all we ever wanted is melting, is disappearing.

When no longer I say ” I Am God”, 

And silence of my eyes speak 

Of such a God.