My eternal love

​My love, 

Nothing is left of me, or for me to offer.

I am in silence and it widens everyday more. Only in silence I can meet you, love you,

Receive you.

Could any other space be more sacred, precious and mysterious for our hearts to meet again, to merge and be united! 

I am certain that there is no certainty in path of love.

Only shedding, continues lovemaking with life as it rises. 

My love, meet me there…

Outside of boundaries,  reasons and plans…

Outside of all we ever known and learnt, where, we are children again

Dancing under the rain,

Welcoming harvest of lifetimes

In each others embrace.

I love us, so deeply, so silently that from this moment on, I only use my eyes

To speak of the burning flame of us, inside my heart.

My twin, my flame, my eternal love. 

Our time is now.

I know, this summer we will meet again. 

After eras of travel, I know, we are coming home,

To our divine purpose. Our eternal home.

Serena Devi