Glourious One

​Poetry is land of a bare heart. I am returning to true home of joy and delight. 

~New Poem 

Beside my beloved I lay, 

naked and soft.

Gentle sound of my wanting

Echoes in songs of morning sparrows,

My true love glides inside

My feminine womb.

A red rose rising

Between green forests of Earth.

God of my heart,

Speaks in language of silence.

Yet, I hear every words

In light and magic of love.

I am here as who I am.

Kissed by lips of sun,

Washed with rose water 

And scent of lavender.

I am here, not of the body,

But of purest joy of life.

Love flows in all direction

And Delight centers in my womb.

What else is left 

To speak of in words,

Gaze into my eyes and feel the smile of

Fulfilment on lips of my rose.

This is orgasm of encountering my soul beyond

Time and form.

Ah, let heart plays more of secret notes

Of love, inside my body

God is born.

I am flying without wings

Into Sun

Into Eye of One.

My planet is Love,

My Beloved might One

I adore and Serve

with my entire heart, body and soul.

Seraphim, I Am.

The Burning One,

Light bearer from Sirius and beyond.

Come, my children of light,

My soul tribe,

We are here

In presence of the Glorious One.
Seraphim Joie