Moving faster into Light

​A bonfire week so far. Last Saturday a lifetime wound of abandonment released with all related illusion stories and cycles. Immediately after an encounter with my own shadow through a new mirror and since  Monday heavy clearing and deeper anchoring in Body. Quicksand and then shoot into galaxies and deep dark void.

Meeting in void has been on and off recycle part of soul retrieving and the more light comes in, the quicker but higher spin takes place for clearing.
The best way forward is less mental activity, more in physical… for Fiery ones, like myself, silence, personal retreat, music, dance, walk barefoot on earth, water, poetry and self love seems the best recipe.

Right now on earth, two major house/ tribes are gathering and anchoring for next phase, gender is irrelevant to this happening. 

1- Light bearers ( Masculine principle) 

2- HandMaidens ( Feminine principle)  
Awaken souls are aware of which House/ tribe they belong in sense of purpose and the role they play its full manifestation.
The more we open up and turn our bodies to clear portal, the easier light flows to encoding of this activation.

Stay with present and only listen to your own heart and wisdom in all decisions. Use your resources carefully and trust all is in order and let the energy of Lions Gate, moves you to direction of Divine choosing in  full manifestation in physical.

Waves are arriving, let go of all attachment(mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual, if you believe your divine destiny should unfold certain way…), let go of all.
Remember, the dreamer is God and not us….

We are weaved in the fibre of Divine Plan as fluid consciousness. It will happen accordingly to Divine plan. Any resistance, thinking in any term of polarity, even believing your vibration should only stay with high and no low is against the flow…observe the eye of storm, learn from oceans, trees, oneness means no category, no low or high, no control but it doesn’t mean be powerless. The true power is becoming a full Observer, then the gates are Open, Heaven lands more and brighter than ever. 

Our job is to breathe, that is all. 😃❤