Daily shifts

Energy is moving and expanding fast. I never remembered so much intensity in flow of Chi in my body.

Feels a renewal of DNA, complete removal of past, let go of all habits, patterns and beliefs. Bridges to any comfort and control is falling apart. Mind wants to grasp, be identified and control and make a choice. But the soul invitation is to surrender, accept the moment, whatever it is. Without trying to change it, runaway or avoid it.

We no longer can continue the old dimension (3,4), we need to make an inner space for this acceleration and transmission. The sit of soul, is heart. We truly need to understand we do not have much control on life, we need to get relax in the face of unknown and no matter what our outer reality shows, stay truly with our heart.

These words are coming from someone who has not much belonging in the world, right now my shelter is given in exchange of volunteer work. I only have €150 in my pocket and two mini suitcases and a bad tooth ache, staying in this beautiful Chateau in France which is not my country and as grateful as I am, my heart burns to start my soul work and join my tribe for a grand vision of divine, to anchor and manifest what has been my calling since early age.

At the same time, I am very well aware, if I am in this space and in disadvantage to make any move or plan, it is for a reason,,currently unknown to me. For years, money and home meant security and safety for me and to maintain certain standard of life, I sacrificed my worth, integrity and youth in slavery of my mind. Today, I am and know that in every cell, my life is blood of God and I am not the driver of this car!  I know, where ever I am and whatever is happening, I am safe and loved and all is working perfectly.

I know that I need to accept my not knowing and take my life day by day. Stay in silence of mind and be patient for signs, divine impulses to rise and only take actions when I am in complete alignment without any attachment to outcome.

Having said all these, I have to also confess my inability to completely surrender to what it is! And they are moments, I want so badly to control my situation or run from my feelings. The last 30 days, since I arrived in France, energy is so fast that by the end of the day, I am completely changed. It feels no longer a human presence, but an ocean of consciousness, forever changing and transforming.

I do not know, what future holds for us, but I am certain we are in this together. And our hearts are the best campos to show the path. It will be educating at all levels and very hard at some stages, but so far, it has been the most rewarding journey I could ever plan for. I have lost my entire past, blood family, friends, loved ones, possessions, name, prestige, career…even my brown hair now is completely turning grey 😊… I am humbled, grateful and so much more than words, as God is my lover, my true calling, joy and devotion to truth. I feel with his heart and offer with his hands. I love everyone and everything unconditional and above all, in this gaze into unknown, I have become an unbreakable faith and courage to be who I am, and rest deeper into feminine nature of life, which effortlessly moves me closer to my divine destiny.

Stay true to your heart, let love conquers every corner of it. Life without ego, is a true freedom. Fear and control are two major indicators of Ego, become more observant to your self dialogue and invite more patience and courage in facing the shadow/ego.

Waves beyond our understanding are landing on earth, we need to get ready, to be fully empty and open to new vibrations to lift us up to light and power of heaven on earth.

Only truth could take us to freedom and that comes by living moment by moment, facing inward and drop stories and attachment and know we are one, in this together, forever.

Serena Devi