Daily shift 2

The only strength we need is to drop our mind and let heart leads us, through meadows, mountains, forests, oceans of life. Offering our no-thingness to the source is our true essence, as arrival of cherry blossoms or bloom of rose garden.

I never imagined the life I am living, some days when my mind kick in, I want to die! So I can stop the suffering which her constant judgment and grasping brings. The other days, I laugh and play silly with thoughts and suddenly I am breathing light again!
This is not my story, not anymore and many of my dear fb friends experiencing the same lifts up and being carried to a new world and inner freedom, while we still might feel some condition and desires to change them, within, we know, only through inner vibration we can transform and create our physical reality and the more we stay as an observer, the faster and clearer we can access our new faculty which we receive daily now by waves of ascending.

To become part of Life, all over again, for humanity is a great challenge and requires steady practice, daily upgrade of soul DNA and full willingness to surrender to arrival of Divine/Christ Consciousness within our bodies which I normally call, our clays!

I feel so uncomfortable living with this unknowing of myself, as my human structure is reshaping so deeply, losing borders, nothing is familiar outside, different country, people, daily tasks changes, new physical experiences coming, from painful jaws to landing of grace all over my body.

I feel no emotion as any link to past events or even desires to certain outcome. I feel I do not know who is She! I am Sky, stars, I am stormy nights, I am fresh smell of roses and laughter of God.

Within me lives no space, no time, no attachment, no care for what is happening to My Life!

And those tiny moments that mind of my human comes from the back door, I am alert enough to not re-act. Might feel a pull to make plans, to do something for an hour, but I drop it so fast because of the chaos comes with it.

Today, I felt gateway doors opened up and waterfalls of Heaven blissfully touching my heart.

So, I melt. I love more and deeper and I also stretch this   tight garment of what is left from it anyway (mind), to be only be here. In present and witness the landing of my true beloved in all there is and will be.
Infinite love is our home. Stay in present and be.

Serena Devi