River of love

We use words to understand, yet words are only helpful in mind kingdom. We do not need spiritual teachers (preachers), gurus and so much ideas of how to live a healthy balanced, fulfilled life. We need to jump into river of love. Do not even need to know how to swim.

Close your eyes and feel your senses, physical and beyond physical. Feel the warmth and tenderness of flow, caresses your every corner, feel how joy expands in your body, sexual and sensual arouse of body is all part of this ultimate union with river of love.

We have arrived to first peak of many to comes, to realise the function of our humanness is to fall with the rest of the nature in flow of love.

Focus and embrace this ride and you become one with joy of oneness and power of creation.

Think and stop yourself from becoming/melting/merging/uniting with the Creator.

Serena Devi