​Our knowing of I AM is more inner reality that words we speak with. It is more simple acts on our daily walkabout than big gestures and grand events.

I AM, shivers the heart so deeply than only eyes and our face could speak of such an intimate breathing between no-thing and everything.

My Steps getting more gentle on earth, 

My heart more serene and in awe

My mind silent

And my faith, a burning torch.

I Am speaks and Serena’s eyes get watery and ache presses her lips on the wanting of her soul 

To disappear in this forever love affair.

I Am is  repeated echo of beauty between God and the dream of reality. 

Saying Yes to all there is, without any mental value, any emotional link. Pure love is freedom, but not in choosing, in accepting all there is.

I AM, is the warmth of Sun on jelly fish,

I AM, is a mother holding her baby,

I AM, is mystery of tomorrow and unknowing of next moment.

I Am is friendship of night and moon, the kiss of gratitude between two sparrows on bread crumbles.

I AM is simple, present and fun!

I AM is all we every wanted, needed and can receive.

I AM is nakedness, vulnerability of nature in flow of life.

I AM still a manifestation, yet hidden from our human side.

I AM are two words (I), (AM), in English Language, one noun, the other verb! It has no meaning, no space, no definition for non English speaker. 

Time to drop the I AM, just meet the eyes of life, eyes of God

In humanity,

In dewdrop on edge of sunflower,

In silent and noise of forests,

In touch of body, mind, feelings …

We always meet something, someone. Either inner or outer.

The I Am, we talk about still is at the end of this encounter….

The day I AM gone, true I AM is here and doesn’t post on facebook 😊, I do not know what that I Am does. I Know, we still do not know anything. So why words, why so much we rely on words while our smile, our eyes, our silent could speak deeper of I AM.

In awe

Serena Devi