Wonders of mystic path!

Life is timeless and yet it does not wait for you to make up your mind how to see, feel and embrace it. She gracefully moves, it is our understanding which expects forward, but I do think moving backward might be actually the advantage point to observe and listen to something far greater than our human’s expectation.

Over the last few months, a new energy gradually and firmly took over what it seemed and felt like my life. Today, after get a bit of hang of it, I know, I never was in a driver sit and as much as part of me wishes to have an idea, control, plan and predict the outcome of this rebel, fiery and unpredictable force that currently moves this humble mystic from one land to another, from security of four walls, to shiver of fear to be alone in midst of unknown, with no place to rest my head.

surprisingly, I find my heart calm and peaceful while two months ago in Cyprus, when I no longer could pay my rent and change was inedible, I began to sell everything, new and past to finance a ticket to UK, I had nightmares and felt helpless. And because of that fear, instead of coming to UK and Brighton, I chose a volunteer position in France, to make sure there is a security and safety! And that illusion again fell apart by drama of tooth ache and returning to UK few days ago!

I will be 52 in November and can say with confident of my soul, I lived my divine destiny in full. It is over 9 years on a road, following path of love and burning with fire of truth over and over to give birth, to collaborate, to be whole, to be One. And only in the last 2 days, not knowing what to expect, not knowing, where my little ship lands.. I am in this ocean, with two small suitcase and a heart that has no bond and limit, inviting me more and more into surrendering and receptivity in life.

I spent years of hard work to built security, friendships, to have a career, to achieve my goals and one day in the past or perhaps future in another time line, I woke up to the greatest question of life!

Who am I?

Since that day, Life has been shedding my human skin and only today, in this complete vulnerability, with less €200 and no other possession, no family or friends from past connections, I take steps, I meet strangers whom become new friends, souls who I believe we meant to meet at this time. We exchange something bigger, more sacred that words, and a bed to sleep. We open up deeper into our hearts and perhaps that has been always my undiscovered divine destiny to walk so naked, alone and vulnerable and be fully present and receive my answer to ” Who am I?”

I believe we are here, on Earth, for greatness. For surfing beyond clouds and mountains. I believe I am a bird of heaven and the love of beauty and tenderness of poetry runs deep in my human veins. I know, God’s blood flows in my every word and that is the beauty of a transparent heart and soul. I know, my being serves a purpose which my mind is not capable to understand and even recognised.

I know, today more than any other day and not because of a full moon or Lion’s gate, truth is available to humanity and we can open up and let our solid bodies break like a floating bubbles into vast sky. We can offer all of who we are with a smile and tender welcome of our gaze.

I do not know when this road turns or gives me what I want the most, release of this massive energy which has shaped a sharp arrow in my soul, so I become whom the creator really wishes me to be, so the final step of alchemy takes place, or perhaps it is already done and I just need to be patient to receive the manifestation in physical.

I am a living Christ, I carried many crosses on my back over the years. I also crucified few times, few lifetimes.

This is resurrection, a new world, a new heart and abilities beyond 5 senses. We can call it dimensions, we can call it divine, truth, magic.

I do believe, I finally became, who I always knew I am and this last few days concluding my personal journey and walk  as Serena and lift me up to my angelic destiny as a Seraphim…

To sing, dance, hold the sacred place of Earth for whoever I come across, for them to see their magnificence, their gifts and power to be their ultimate potential and in between, I hum in words and use my last euros for a time in coffee shops to write and share this phenomenon journey as a mystic.

May my words serve you well, May in beating of love we all find our true lover, the beloved of all.

May, we surrender peacefully to the grace of God

And be God.


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