Eye of Storm

​The last few days feels moving deeper into eye of storm. The loss of identity and yet witness how all emotions and thoughts rise and again a deeper dive into acceptance of what it is, let the cards be played and stay open and as day goes by see how outer reality mirror the unloved parts of self.

I have slept last night in a mix dormitory with 9 other people, slept few hours and this morning with less money and a bigger smile, I am appreciating 51 years of travel on Earth in this body knowing all reality has a purpose to serve. We are learning on how to become the creator in service of new civilization and each one of us are designed and will be activated at some point in flow of life, in ocean of timeless presence.

All human wounds need time and nurturing. All soul missions require dedication, persistence in let go, acceptance, unconditional love and self realization.

Our pathless paths are expansion of our passion to embrace who we truly are. 

Sparks of light, pure innocence and perfection of creation.

I really live in moments as I have no other choice. Everything and everyone arrives in present and if we only can completely surrender to our inner awareness, we witness magic of love, kindness, abundance and appreciation in all encounters, arrivals and let goes.
Soul is bare, open and receptive to light of forever sun, to meet and merge with the source in every beat of human’s heart.
Thank you 


Photos, last night home

Land of Seraphim  ❤