Speaking of truth


Speaking of Truth does not make it easier to walk on its path. Arriving at Truth is an ability which grows by practice of letting go of a small self/ identity. Every experience holds a space for new discoveries and peeling outer layers of believes and false values, to dig deeper into true nature of God as a walking body on Earth.

In shadow of traditions, religions and even new age spiritual teachings, we constantly unveil parts of Self which was never in support of our totality, but a shade on ground of our waking up.

Is there any other way to arrive to totality without carrying a perception or idea of how our life should look like? How truth/ the source of all, comes into manifestation in this physical reality without compromise and condition? These questions could only be answered by living from the place of observant. Empty Container to hold the sacred, life.

The walk on  Earth, with skin and blood has been an eras of an unmeasured swing between power and vulnerability. Freedom and condition.  What does really pursue of Truth means? Do we need to become poor and homeless to experience grace and freedom from the handmade world in matter, to recognize our own divinity! Do we need to experience all shadow and light archetypes’ stories before we arrive to this complete darkness, the void before the  true Birth as a new Human/ Godlike?

Where is truly the bottom of our wounds and desperation, how to create a life in full delight,  to live in forever joy? How far we need to delve within to heal the wounds that even might not appeared in surface, and recognized. Living in the world of chaos and addictions, denial and projections, how could we find our way to Truth?

Hearts are full of ache and sufferings, our minds exhausted by too much information, calclution, planning, directing and wanting to control every experience of life, love and creativity.

We are afraid to wake up, so we sleep walk in a world of terrors, taboos and shopping lists.

We trust our eyes, our mind programs, our painful past. We trust condition and shrink to be fit in our society and its values.

IHow often it is possible, just for a moment, to enjoy, to be fully in the heart and not think of dark or light, here or there, you or I.

Could we just stand still in our pain, in our separation and not knowing if we have a roof over our head, food to eat and breathe, just breathe.

Could we stop for a moment, without having an inner dialogue, opinion and conclusion?

Could we born today? Have no identity and no idea of how we suppose to behave, to speak, to act?

Could we just be, simple, vulnerable, happy and uncertain.

Why do we need so much certainty? Confirmation! Clouds float, birds fly, lions roar. Trees dance. Seasons change. Bodies die. Children born. Music of life is forever.

Why we do not see the perfection? What is the worth of body? If life does not worth living!

What it takes, how much more deeper pain we need to let go of opinions and categories and brands.

What it takes to look deep into someone else’s eyes? Just a pure joy of connection, no desire, no need, no box, just embracing the experience.

Everything on Earth is a reflection of those pair eyes!

Earth is a planet we chose to land. To come and end our misunderstandings, our short sights in viewing totality. We chose Earth because of its density and physical structures. We came through a very dark tunnel, beyond space and time, into this body and vibrational intelligence. Not to experience poverty or wealth, not  necessity to  experience polarity through pain and wounds, lacks and struggles.

We chose to value our unwanted experiences as low and something which need to be avoided or overcome. We planted the seeds of duality, dark and light, by our own perception into soil of earth. We built and rebuilt civilizations and wrote new laws and standards and every time the created world fall into destruction and end, we refuse to embrace the truth of all happening which is not what we see and perceive, but it is hidden, inside our own dark nature.

And it is within this dark, the abyss of not knowing true power exists. The power of Creation lies beneath this darkness, The power of Being.

To know what Truth is, we have no other choice but to accept this vulnerable skin, fragile feelings of fears, doubt and inferiority in front of power of creation. This is the opening to meet the depth of suffering and pain of life, in all forms on this planet named Earth.

When we arrive to end of identity and all grey shadows of mind, we experience pure love. This love is not a feeling, it does not come, it does not disappear. It is a state beyond physical senses and yet we can experience it as it develops in its perfect formless space, we become more transparent, content & peaceful, neutral to all happening in our personal life.

This is the arrival of a new Human/God like. The merging of dark and Earth. The power of Being.

Outer reality is in constant change, like seasons. Roles and characters will be played, but there is no identity. Today, one can walk with naked on earth with no belonging and called poor and homeless and tomorrow the same body will sit on a Celestial  table, design the birth of a new civilization!

No role is important or unimportant. In the face of polarity, we only could choose in moment through power of creation and no trust is required between us and universe, because we move into the world from the place of totality and oneness.

The separate self no longer exist. All experiences are embraced equal, and yet, the clarity of vibration serves the most align possible avenue to serve the entire universe. The purpose of Universe is evolution of consciousness. When we understand this, through soul DNA level and not just mind,  our path to Truth is no longer hard, easy or has to carry a meaning, it only feels as a delight in face of most unusual and new experiences, the only choice is to welcome it wholeheartedly and continue working with universe and move forward, or in a better word, in spiral and observe, how by each aware breathing, we can expand into possibilities to enjoy our own mastery as souls.

True masters, living the path of Truth as a complete vessels, for arrival of God’s Grace. That is the joy of being. That is being in the world and not of the world.

Truth speaks gentle, firm, in riddles, visions, in synchronicity, in awe of moments, in hums of nightingale, in silence of mountain.

Truth speaks in silence.

Truth touches hearts as a passionate lover, a compassionate teacher, a mystery of day and night.

Truth gaze into your eyes and makes you smile in face of all challenges and stories.

Truth makes you Human and God.

Truth is the path to everywhere, to nowhere.

Truth is You, meeting Universe within and in result without.

Be blessed Child of God.

Truth is your home.

Serena Devi