Faceless Mystics 

They are vast fields, wild flowers and sunbeams in every sip on cup of gratitude. Mystics walk out of ordinary roads, on their tracks, lavenders grow and fountains appear. Their cups of gratitude is full of sacred moments between intention and manifestation. Their power lies on  invisible steps into Mastery of self  and love is their floating alter.

Their sandals worn out and their face ageless.

They are Joy bearer of planet Earth. 

They know the secret path to freedom.

Love is their soundless walk and smile their gentle touch.

They are poets, lovers, whirling travelers through time and space.

Mystics are signs of change.

Music from the beyond.

Dance of a mighty One.

Mystics are brave faceless men & women through ages of waking up.

They are here, among us,

The Gods and Goddesses of future.

The map of new civilization, coded in their pure, childlike hearts.

Time to stand and be still.

Time to wash in  stream of joy.

Time to meet God, Universe, The source

In everything, in every way, in every moment.

Be the mystic of your path,

The initiated lover of One,

Hesitate no more, 

Flames are burning. 

Mystics of Earth

In whirl of awakening

Blooming flowers of love

Serena Seraphim (Devi)