Joy bearer

Life is a mystery of the constant unfolding passion of Divine. The master piece of moments, love and creation.

 Within light, we shall travel this dream which is known as the world, matter, mind.

Within love, we learn the truth which our every fiber, emotion, thought come in a form of human, to lead and guide us to a new world, beyond mind and human understanding.

Love is not a word, not a place, not an activity, not an emotion. Love is every possibility to embrace intimacy with Self, with the source.

Life is a transformation of her own flow, into more magic, sacredness and mystery. 

We write words, notes, music, but only when they are come together and we sit in a place of listening, we hear the phenomenon of a song! 

Which comes from nowhere and suddenly in fills the room and brings joy, emotions, tears, silence into our hearts.

For a very long time, I wonder what is my purpose and tried so hard to find it, build it and even be it.

Today, I am fully accepting the obedience of Light! 

I know now, I am the words, I am the music. I am the song

And every moment of my path, Divine masterfully been working on what comes through this vessel! I have lost my voice, my desires, attachments, stories, ambitions, ideas, family bonds, my personal space and I walk into unknown with smile, not knowing who I am, what music will be played today…

I just know, I meet my beloved in every human, every eye, every hug, every beating heart is Love, is God and for the rest of my time on Earth, I  fully obey Light.

That has been the core of my journey, devotion to God. My heart has become a torch and my life an example of most possible intimate relationship with Divine. 

From nothing comes everything. 

Seraphim I am. 

The joy bearer of heaven. 

I am here, on Earth.

So  Light speaks. 
Serena Devi