Now, Brighton beach

Silence and not knowing,

Only the breath of dark feminine

Surrendering to each moment,

Not thinking, not doing.

See with intuition,

choose by effortless flow of wisdom.

Accept & Be Whole,

Oneness, all there is.

Since my arrival at Brighton, I have been on constant move and let go of all once meant security, comfort, habit and human boundaries.

I have spent nights in shelter of new friends, hostel and not knowing where I sleep the next day.

This is all new and also been exhausting physically, at the same time, it had brought so much gratefulness and love that I can hear my heart is cracking again!

I also realise the more I as a Soul, surrender to power of feminine which resides in-depth and seed of my essence and trust intuition and heart impulses, the easier I move through this new phase.

My life is out of control and I guess this will be for the rest of my time on Earth. Something new, powerful and innocent is here, which melts my every fibre in joy and delight of oneness with all.

My path shapes without much of my doings unless it is required. I have been receiving magical sharing and support from sisterhood of my tribe(s). And I feel the final unfolding in UK is about to manifest and easily move my body to the land which I clearly belong to participate and serve the grand vision of divine.

I only can share as it goes by and feel need more inner time to offer the required space for the final stage of transition. I really appreciate if you wish to support my journey via paypal account.

Thank you