Human, soul, God

​We deserve truly meet ourselves as life.

To go beyond vulnerability, to touch the essence and trust every conscious choice align with truth as it raise from light and dark river of existence  which every moment and step in duality directs and creates. 

The power of soul only surface when we are ready to meet all parts of self, the wounded child, the betrays, the suppressed anger and rage, everything will show up to reflect back where we missed healing, empowering, where we still feel unloved and undeserved.

The only way forward for humanity, to end our longing and desire to be met and loved by others, by things, by concepts and false projection in physical world, is to completely surrender to this process of melting and loss of identity.

To reborn as Gods, we need the dead of humanness! But it only appears as a dead, because when we embrace all there is in us, live and breathe as body and mind, we also arrive to newness of our being, which lies undiscovered beneath layers of self doubt and discrimination.

Self love is nothing but allowing to all walls, shields, stories, attachments, false power origin (ego) falls apart, then emptiness could be felt and embraced. The seed of God is planted in that emptiness, in silence of creation in each one of us, that is our light and also our shadow when it is denied  and rejected.

It is the time to cross over the bridges, as new energy moves us faster and into higher vibration. Surrendering our human borders, and accept the not knowing and trusting the unfolding of life without control and need, is the ultimate service we can offer planet Earth and all livings.

Serena Seraphim