Eclipse Monday 21st August

The journey of 9 years, trust, let go, courage and meeting myself, over and over until all layers of identity, attachments, fear, control recognised and by constant shower of  bliss are removed.

I am in Brighton with £25 in my purse, the last 16 days, the kindness and open hearts of facebook friends, have been holding my body safe and nurtured. 

The speed of energy, downloads, dreams and moving to a new space every 3-4 days are beyond words, am I human? Am I Goddess? Am I servant of truth?

I am an observant most of the time, an open and grateful heart all the time!

Do I need to be rescued? Does anything in my life need to be different than what it is? I do not know. I do not care how my life appears. Will I have a place to stay or food to eat in a few days? These question briefly crossed my mind! But I have no desire or interest to follow them.

I am following the rainbow, I am a penniless/or millionaire mystic, a fool of tarot card, a lover of life, a truth seeker transforming to someone/something even I no longer can find words for it.

I feel my feelings deeply, also whoever I come across, and as I move through the day, like movement of air and leafs, my entire being flows and feelings move away, thoughts I barely can hold on..there is a deep silence which invites me more and more to a choiceless awareness.

I have shared poetry, inspiration words, truth, heartbreaks, the daily adventure of life through personal experiences and today, as I woke up and sat on my friend’s sofa, something new happened.

This week many of us in human form will materialize what we burnt and wished for years, freedom! 

It comes in different ways, according to what our chosen path requires in physical to take the humanity and Earth to a new state of life. We can call it dimension, or just state of bliss!
My calling has been for USA, North California and after years of back and forth, living there, having heart initiated, trying to make this return before I actually arrive at its “Being” state, only in this surrendering and not knowing, I would be able to become a free agent to serve the creator and the creation.

Between not having and having all is no difference except our own ability to become empty! 

The gift of this eclipse is complete clearing our inner coding, full activation of divine blue print for those who has done with past and mind, and openness to receive.

I am blessing and embracing all.  

May we all meet and receive our true self which is prosperity, love, boundless abundance, joy, power, wisdom, light & shadow and above all the eyes of observant which connect us to All.

Serena Seraphim Devi