Waterfalls of love

​We do not need reason, to be part of a love waterfalls.

We do not need to know what separates us, we can look into each other’s eyes forgetting you and I.

We are beautiful, undiscovered frontiers of magic and possibilities.

We can take each other in arms and held a space new and sacred, to feel and be felt. To be free and to belong.

Life speaks to us if we listen.  HUmans are travellers, repeated cycles of renewal and mesmerised songs on path of homecoming.

The past is gone, what still says different is as real as an echo caged inside rocks, repeated sound until disappearance in silence. 

Painted cages and dancing birds have a journey to make together, to acceptance of limitation and courage of let go. To try new highs and lows and trust the power of wings and gliding joy of freedom in the hearths of flight.

We are here in this moment. 

We are home!

Sharing our totality and transparency are  all we can offer as HUmans and truth seekers.

The path has no end, our emotional and mental abilities need to be free from all past holdings, to make space for new moments to be truly felt and released.

Yes, Truth brings tears, ache and times of desperation, feeling the endless emotions seems agony and unjust. But it is through the carving of heart we can find bridges to grace and divine perfection plan for each life, to really be HUman and thrive to our ultimate power as Soul and co-creator of untold Odyssey of love, as we bloom out of our bodies, into oneness of universe.

It is in opening to virgin space of moments, we create masterpieces, or cherry tart! 

Every song written is a drop of love’s waterfall on someone’s heart. 

All musics, arts, stories  in the world are gates to meet our own beauty and smile at glorified magic of polarity and choose oneness, choose heart.

Life is what we believe it is, for sure, we are not our thoughts and emotions. We have tried it all and it is time to just sit in acceptance of here, of now and feel the movement of waves, bliss showering our lives.

Sit in our hearts and become love, forever waterfalls of delight and joy of heaven, in a middle of our human body, magic doesn’t get better or easier than this!

Drop, drop deeper in present.

Serena Seraphim. ❤