Zero point

When there is no identity, all we do is a play, a role taking a moment or a life time. It is free of definition or stability. We go through life, being a child of someone to be a king, guru, homeless. We experience all sorts of ups and downs and as our consciousness expands, we lose the mask! The human mask, and we open up to this undefined, unmeasured, non sensory feelings that only rise in present, no matter who we are in the moment and what our experiences are.

We can experience poverty or wealth, we can be out on stage and speak and we can sit silently beside flowers and birds.

We give ourselves the permission to swing between roles, emotions and meet our fears, angers, pains, depression. Without identity, our story can written in present, changes by shift of perception and freedom of allowing the comes of goes of everything within. 

Suddenly outside is no longer frightening, we can even ease in our sorrows, let tears fall and our chest moves beneath cracks of lifetime suppression.

When we start feeling life from inside and the movie and play that the world projector shows become distant enough for our emotional body to take a break from daily constant emotional charges, we are in a new space. This space, some call it hole, is emptiness. There is a deep receptivity and holding inside this hole which feels completely unknown, dark void perhaps, nevertheless, it exists in all livings, like a spiral web, full of a gravity and yet with no centre to focus or hold on to. The gravity is love, the empty space(s) of the web is breathe of divine, flowing through us, through life on Earth and beyond our planet.

We are at the edge of flight, into a new dream of divinity, we are participating in rearrangement Of this fibres of this web. 

Our little stories must end, our fear and struggle to be less or more human must stop.

This is the point of zero, the 360 direction of Christ consciousness, available to all humanity and yet only few have the space to fall completely in the zero point and end Identified human and beginning of the border-less body, heart and spirit.
Serena Seraphim