Prayer of heart

I no longer can say it in words,

No longer can smile it.

I just can disappear in it, lose all edges, all names, all ideas and opinions.

Is this love? Or home?

Years of turbulence in and out, shedding and being hermit!

Tears coming from eyes, are heaven’s shower and yet my earthy eyes are red and dry.

O Lord, release me from what I no longer can carry.

O Lord, lift me up from what I no longer can be free.

I am neither human, nor God.

I am a breath reaching to ceiling of my ultimate existence, final spin into the wind..

Leaving all behind,

except the Love of Lord, my heart, my soul.

Embrace me in your arms,

Break my hardness, let me flow through this impossible trails after trails.

What is left to burn?

What is left from my human form?

Today, I surrender my last breath, to be empty of the world, matter, my skin, my gender, my memories. Only love, only love.

I am You. ❤

Serena Seraphim