Diary of love 

​There is time in creation for everything. A hidden dance of life, in perfect harmony. 

Comes and goes of hands, held and let go, stillness and movement, silence and music.

I am arriving to far deeper trust in life than I ever allowed myself to experience. 

A new space to held all happening, feel all heartaches, embrace shadow and light with same intensity and desire. 

Coming closer to never be closed, limited and afraid after years of sadness, aloneness and desire to end my life. 

I am standing and grounded on Earth, feeling the warmth of my heart, the static joy of inner dance of dark and light. I am in awe how fast everything in immediate physical reality changes, every few days, a new place and new people to meet. To love, to teach and learn from. To offer gratitude and recognise the no going back and no repeating cycle of growth.

I just welcome it all and if days arrive for heavy clearing of energy, I also sit patiently with the pain and illusion of loss. I let tears arrive and know my moments are alive and full of intention to bring joy, freedom and truth.

Yesterday, I didn’t have money to buy food or bus fare and today a soul sister’s gift of abundance and love, showered my movement from the last few nights nest to another. 

I am beginning every day new and full of anticipation to observe deeper the unfolding of my path, as I am disappearing in every step, something else is here, unlimited, beautiful and wise. I bow to great feminine force of creation, as my every step becomes a dance of love, with all there is here and arrives from unseen world of beyond.

I celebrate present.
I Am. ❤