September break


All songs are rooted in silence. All actions rise from stillness. The world we see and interact with is held in palms of invisible realities beyond our mind understanding.

These days, everything speaks of a fore coming changes, shifts and moving across timelines and constant peaks in alignments to new Earth.

When my life turned upside down in 2008, I never imagined I will experience days like my current happening, with one suitcase, few pounds and not knowing where my body will rest and become more grateful and humbled by every encounter with strangers who offer their space and at the same time, open their heart to fire that my presence will bring.

I am an agent of change, a catalyst and a devotee to divine. I reused my calling which landed on my heart at very early stage of my life. The path is always open to take us beyond stories and fields of right and wrong. I spent the last two months truly falling into unknown and it opened doors not just outside, but perhaps deeper within. The feminine aspect of creation is a mystery which we all afraid of. Her power and magic, her soft gentle flow of warmth and embrace of life without condition or force. A friend told me you are walking on the edge and something in me smiled as the first time, I realized my path is different from my family and society. I seek God and God will answer. I knew to answer that call, I have to let go of many thing I care for. I wasn’t sure of how the walkabout will merge until I read a book when I was 13 years old. That booked was “The Razor Edge” by Somerset Maugham. The hero of the book became my best friend!

Today for some unknown reason, I woke up from a dream, hearing myself saying: I want to die!” and I woke up laughing loud, I cannot die anymore! I am not sure what I am, how could I ever be sure. I have a feeling by Thursday I leave this safe and serene Haven and due to recent shifts, I no longer ask for a place to stay or any other support on social media or any other way. Something within is ripen now and I have been patient ( was any other choice?!!), I need to let everything go and be, so deeply be, as the consciousness evolves, body becomes secondary and the world of matter no longer feels unsafe or anything else. The game happens in unseen and only in Totality, our Being aligns to Divine’s plan.

So, it feels like a new song coming out from silence, into empty space and yet it is alive, it is full of mystery and when it touches hearts, magic begins. Love is one of magical aspects of life, another aspect is surrendering when allowing gate opens up and alignment moves us fast, almost like electrified sparks into unknown discoveries of our humans’ journey.

I am not sure of the outcome of the next few days and I don’t need to. I am staying open at the same time, I honor my inner voice. When new move through layers of consciousness, we never go back, the learnt lessons will not repeat again. This is the new song, new civilization will be built by vibrational realities and we have a choice, between waves of time, in peak of moment, to let go and drop deeper into feminine aspect of life and that is the power of creation.

This is an ongoing dance in nature, when we observe carefully. Birds circle in wind, branches offer space, ocean washes shore, hurricanes un-root and destruct old constructions. The cycles, seasons, death and birth, million years’ evidence and we still afraid to fall into unknown.

Our understanding of known and unknown are truly limited and these words are coming from a humble traveler on earth. Lost everything and everyone, in face of not having shelter or food, but when I drop deeper into a new world without labels linked to fear and scarcity, what do I really know, believe and expect to happen?

I expect life meets me in eyes. I expect life meets me in my heart. As I let go, and let God. I become the dominated consciousness in my own experience and from there, universe inclusively manifests and deliver to meet the life the keeps rising through every heroic action to live by truth, yes, body always can die or be harmed. We are nature, we are universe, and we are not little lives need protection.

Our journeys are epics and we are lovers of unknown, we are travelers from beyond. We are Gods and Goddesses in disguise. And I am more than ever sure, we no longer need teachers, masters, and future tellers. We need our diamond hearts. We need to become more free and liberated in every choice, one step in front of another and yet, our heads are in sky, we are 260 degrees consciousness available in moment to work on earth.

So, I am jumping without parachute one last time.

No cry for help, no request, no trying. Just openness of flight, I will land in my Beloved’s arms.

In between, my heart will sing a new song.

As heaven touches my earth and love glides on silky glance of the beloved into my eyes.

That is all there is, a glance into mystery of love. Purified and simple.

Offer your life to God and the Kingdom of heaven will be yours.