The home of Beloved

​I open my eyes and see nothing, I close my eyes and see everything.

I dance over troubles and bunt dreams, 

I reach out and touch the peak of mountains,

Dive deep in ocean of my heart and encounter shy mermaids hidden behind foams of passion.
Outside of my body, I grow trees and learn how to sing like hummingbirds

Inside, vastness kisses my skin and her wild horses run me through darkness of power and freedom.

I know life now and life knows me. This empty space, the chalice of my heart is  carved with attention and intention by the greatest crafted lovers, by God.

The beloved  that made me from foams and fire, from rocks and wind.  His breath captured the castle of my being.

My eyes are closed while my heart licks every drop of nectar from his  lips over my mouth, joyful pain of blossoming, out into the light, free from walls of illusion and ownership. Knowing I am his!
Mermaids whisper the secret of floating into not knowing the depth we travel inside love. 

Moon loss her charm between the magic of day and night, light and dark making love till eternity.

I close my eyes and Infinity ravish and rapture my every breath. How much more I can be carved, to host the fury and passion of my beloved?

Now, I walk on earth with closed eyes and open heart.  The world became safe, kind and simple. This is the river of life, the blood of God inside my clay, gliding in joy of multi orgasm.
The force that moving me into the world, from the hole in my heart, is love beyond love.
I entered galaxies of darkness with no shoe and map to find my lover, to touch the impossible.

Wind mothered my breath, water carried my body, fire made a lover of me, and earth, ah, beloved Earth, gave me a home.

I found my Beloved. 

I close my eyes and that opens the boundless sky to meet and cherish him/her. 

Everything became holy by love. 
Life is my alter, humans are my colours, encounters are my rose gardens.
Everything carried me closer to Beloved. We have become one.

I close my eyes and open my wing and fly in speed of light, humming across the universe, gazing into his eyes and say,

I love you. 

I love you.
Serena Seraphim