Silence, our home

​Silence is your home.

Slowing down into space, stopping in here.

Love, light, joy, contentment, peace, passion all are different faces of silence in you.
Ease in now, activity might rise, might not. Life is a natural flow, some moments forceful and wild, other moments, patient, gentle and safe.

Take none of your thoughts seriously, let them pass, it is your heart and thoughts bedded in her wisdom that moves you closer to truth. Until there will be no distance.

 You are the truth and one moment, unexpected, natural and ordinary, it blooms, right up to branches of your human’s dream. 

Wounds are carved windows of life, inside your existence, inviting light and ability to see beyond personality and perceptions.
Silence is the only place, we can observe our being, from being state.

Let lose the heaviness and trying, pushing and fighting, pretending and disconnecting.

Let open up to music of silence, there is a dance the our souls know well, dance of freedom. Earth has a way unknown to human’s mind, and yet every soul blue print vibrates to this perfect harmonious togetherness. 

Even when loneliness is hard and bitter, when we are helpless and lost, if we allow the breath moves one cycle conscious and aware, silence will lead us to truth, where Earth passionately makes love to sky, to mountains and valleys, where bodies die and souls thrives.

The great mystery of life lies in depth of silence in you.
Serena Seraphim