Life & Intimacy

Usually life lessons come unexpected, all of the sudden you stumble and fall on a new landscape of discovery. Most of us, humans, mistaken loving with relationship. Loving rise from a neutral place of acceptance, allowing, openness and it develops into an adventure of self- realization.

In loving, you rooted in what lives in you and as you become more intimate with all aspects of soul, it grows and increase the personal power, it brings awareness and detachment. At the same time, its flame in the right direction fuels your soul journey and unfolds the Divine plan which is seeded in your existence, into a magnificent creation on form.

Relationships are how you choose to relate with love, within and without. It works more like the bridges to the source, like veins to the heart.

It changes all the time, it moves with pulses of awareness, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Relationships opens the gateways to complete trusting oneself and you inner reality. And from the rooted love, you can move out, into the world, connect with everything without fear, expectation and control.

It is a no ending development for all humans, balancing personality and soul, balancing feminine and masculine, mind and heart. We choose the level of our intimacy by our willingness to expose our deepest feelings and truth. Being vulnerable and not know, how the other will receive us. Could they open their wounds and let loving reach out without protection or masks. Could we take the risk of intimacy in all of our relations, understanding that only through a full presence in now, we can experience our inner strength and also know we have no control over the other person doings or emotions.

Living is an ART, love is its paint brush and moments our forever white canvas, in one simple movement of the brush on the canvas, relations form. One touch, one color merges on not knowing moment of creation, undirected and free to become everything. This is the beauty of intimacy, not knowing how and where Love will take you, what experiences shall come and be experiment with your existence? Sometimes pain and tears, struggle and betrayal are our teachers, we suffer within our heart and all the bridges seems hollow to connect us with life, with others, even with hope. We sit, at the bottom of the underground of our feelings, not understanding the reason of all intimacies. Something hurts but it never has power to damage us, only trust and openness could shift our awareness into a liberation from depth of our suffering.

Intimacy has different forms, flesh touching flesh, when light is off and we gaze into our desires and needs and reach out for a moment to feel the wholeness, oneness, but strangely it never last. We back again to our aloneness wondering, sulking, feeling angry or abandonment. We keep jumping in and out of intimacy, relating to other, not knowing unless we meet ourselves fully, we never can completely cross those bridges and having faith to our roots and inner power. So, we keep practicing and meeting new people, experiencing different ways or relating. We become more confident in our relations and yet still afraid to make the inner journey to our own heart where all relationships exist in its ultimate perfection, in peace and acceptance.

Loving makes it so difficult to runaway form a relating with others, in love, there is no need or attachment, it is its pure desire for beauty, and unshakable trust and willingness to take the risk of intimacy, to accept and know, as you opening your life to another, stand without a mask, in full vulnerability of your heart, if the other remains close, not connecting to their heart, you have to stand in your place and stay loving and also let them go. As much as we wish to help the other, to make them understand and see the infinite possibilities which are the gifts of love and compassion, you have to honor their journey as well yours and let them be.  No one have to go through pain and struggle to learn and surprisingly most of us choose that way for learning.

Intimacy is the way we connect with our own truth, and it is changing moment to moment, and being with someone as other, only means you share your existence also moment by moment and what seems true can be false in a next moment, and you both have to live from your hearts and love center, to go with its flow, not knowing where it takes you to unleash your soul power. Trusting other also rooted in trusting yourself and that comes with living consciously, observing your emotions and their messages, sharing truthfully, no justifying, no blame or shame… just the naked truth and intention to move deeper within, knowing the other is playing a certain role in your life to help your evolution.

Relationships are meant to be sacred, between man and woman, parents and children, between sun and moon, between strangers. Relations are the breath of life, pulsing within one body and one soul.

Open your eyes to glory of your heart, let it open up like a rose, let it feel the sunshine and a soft touch of wind, rose could not grow without facing the challenge of moving high from soli of the ground beneath.

Fear is the dark an imaginary hole inside our mind, fly beyond that and swim in unmeasured joy of living your life, connecting deeper with everything and everyone. Intimacy is the open door to inner heaven, a place beyond mind and control. An invitation to not knowing where moments will take you and the other, being more sensitive and increase the ability to shift energy by always returning to the heart center, rising in more love, calm and serenity.

Relationships are the playground of Gods and Goddess, to create and experience divinity and merge deeper and deeper in truth of life, in one simple place…LOVE.