Female body

The journey of soul and unseen marks on our bodies, all have a story to tell. Having a female body comes with many labels, assumptions, chains and misuses and as we grow and society, upbringing, the way the opposite gender look, expect, and even pressure us to be perfect, to be a type, we became distant, cold, disconnected with this soft, moist, beautiful river of life in shape of hills and valleys, curves and mystery of hidden gems. 

Embracing our bodies, small, large, young and soft, old and wrinkled are parts of being authentic, pure and magnificent. 

Female body is a threshold of Goddess energy, a warmth of earth and bounty of flow… I bow to all brave women who choose to be  true, beautiful and strong and stand in their hearts and truth.

I love my body, my sole companion for the rest of my journey on earth. I adore the wrinkles, cellulite, the shape of breasts, the saggy stomach. I love my liver, my lungs, I love my beautiful fingers, the colour of my eyes.

I am reborn into my body again, falling in love with every corner, every part of her shape.

Thank you life for giving me a chance to feel my entire being in physical and soul level, to know all I Am and all I ever be is Love.