New Earth *

New Earth - Fifth Dimension

The beginning of a New Earth is more like a scream widens in storm. Every day a bit louder, an inch more into invisibility of present.

It has been a long dark corridor which we began our walk into light, into awakening. We needed to hear and heal our stories, stage by stage, we reviewed and observed this phenomenon ache of humanity to return home. To be touched by something greater than all knowing, all churches and masques. For this, we returned to wilderness of our hearts, layer by layer, year after year, we became less of thoughts or even emotion. We went down the labyrinth of our feelings, as humans and as Gods.

You are the sum of journey to unknown shores of power and mystery of a New Earth. Some of us remember something, it is in a fog and clarity, and we meet our Maker. ‘We dissolve in passion and this deep cry of our humanness to be received by love and a little more than love.

We crossed battlefields, our hearts bleed into joy of awakening. We buried alive and saw the movement of life from no-thing into everything.

In between, many worlds transformed and transmuted the energy and force required for the mass awakening and we still following the sudden impulses, synchronicities, connections and let goes.

We have become free waves, raised and designed in the perfect geometric points, closer and closer to a massive collective creation and manifestation. Our journeys are merging into a universal way heading into a Crystalized Consciousness.

This is a little more than love, it is fire, passion and mind of God. Many of us came from different planets to assist humanity for this move into a New Earth and Light Civilization. The knowing is merging into form, pillars are landing on Earth, connections are appearing from nowhere and yet it feels universe is moving through us, every moment a new gateway opens up and spirit comes strongly into our human bodies and wipes up our memories of past, as it never exists. The future we all get a glimpse one ad then through our visions, our senses is already happened in mind of God, we only receive the partial reality of the truth due to limitation of form. Something more than love echo in our hearts, it began as a collective scream… WAKE UP!  And now, it is become a more pleasant hum of renewal of the Ocean, the waves, the magic of floating clouds, the playful seagulls and a fish hunt.

We are landing in our own unique way into waves of a New Earth, in a new body, with still mind and a heart fueled by the Source initial Spark and essence.

It is a beginning of full transparency, our bodies are transferring into liquid joy, vibrational light plasma, and crystal breathe. We are becoming the engineer of a new order of universe, our connections is about to expand to other realm, galaxies and other fluid forms of existence.

We no longer can use any of old understanding about life and humanity, we no longer create any stories around our being, our emotional and mental links are completely are gone. We are becoming more of fragrance of present. We move easily on earth now, our bodies can shape shift when required. Our access to abundance is completely reformed, it become like magic, we might have no money and nowhere to stay in one moment and the next our surrendering suddenly manifests all we need.

We become so fluid, we feels the movement of universe through our being as one. Our awareness is sharp, free and floating in moments. Everyone is us and we are everyone and the more we clear and purified our every soul imprint and human’s cell, the easier we move through flow, in fluid reality, a little more than love takes over in us, more of a conscious waves, circling, raising, still and over joy along the timeless, boundless, space-less ocean of present.

This is our home, our truth, our purpose, our sole path, our eternal joy. Completion of each perfect breath of life, free.