Life in shadow, deeper into heart

​One of those days, that patterns coming to surface and there is nowhere to hide, run away from deep wounds and self sabotage. So, let slow down, talk to a heart friend, shed and cry as long as it is,required and own the shame and pain. And sink deep into self love, include myself in compassion and speak no shout my truth. Dance my truth, bleed my truth.

It is enough, life in shadow and unresolved emotions ends now.

Freedom is my legacy, my voice is flow of self love and I am naked and intimate. I am sexual and sensual. I am Lilith and Magdalene. I am start dust. I am a first blue wave and devote to the source of  all and I am also  a woman, a human with skin and vagina. With feelings and heart. With anger and joy. I want to meet and embrace myself in totality and imperfect perfection of body, mind and soul. No more shield and armor, no more chain and half acceptance and never been fully received by self and therefore others. I am the truth. The naked truth of each breath. It is my worth, my mission, my joy and the only home I have and can be one with the source of all, my human heart and cosmos heart merging in this agony and sweat of humanity to rise from dirt and mud into essence of God, with blood of soul, we flow.
So no one else become more important than truth, than beauty that lands every moment softly and magically by songs of birds, sunset on a beach, and,noise of pedestrian in high street. I love it all, I accept life as what it is and inquire deeper my own choosing without judgment with more patience and compassion. The only thing between me and my burning passion to live my intimacy with God, inside out is not accepting my pure nature as divine. For the sins of others and my guilty shoulders to carry their untrue as my own. I stop this right now, I hold myself in love, accepting my responsibility for my own happiness and fulfilment. The charade ends now. 

I am free to be offer myself totality and be accountable for my well-being.  

This is clarity, this is transparency, this is God taking off all veils and tell me stand in your light. Give voice to your human, feel your body and do not be afraid of your human desires, that does not make you less of spirit and recognise your deepest wounds and allow them to be heard. And listen…for the rest of your journey on earth, listen and allow the,waves of current take you deeper into heart of intimacy, truth of being Divine and nothing but Divine.

Serena Seraphim