One blade

​Who am I without passion of my heart, 

Without anticipation of arrival.

Without desire to run wild and naked  in green forests of feelings

Humming with moonlight and chase shadow 

Into the light.

Who am I without ecstasy of our relationship,

Without touch of your sky feathers on warm face of my earth.


It is a yes to embodiment of all I am, in dream of past and future, in breath of now.

I know who I am now, I know the beloved of my heart, the joy inside my womb, the heat and drive of my human and vulnerability of my soul.

I am the house of our love. 

I kneel in dirt and mud,

I break in pieces and cuts 

Yes my beloved.

I am done with struggle and delays.

Let spin the wheel and rise about the clouds

Together as One blade, as truth of our love.

I am here.❤ 
Serena Devi Seraphim