Dying in love

With ease and grace, break my heart. Carve my flesh,  pour more ache and fire of love.

You kiss my lips,

You trick my heart into submission and cry, what else is left to be worry about?

My heart is a fool, longing in ruin of not knowing of her origin, dying in love. 

Whirling naked,

Beside wandered waves,

Fishes of ocean holding my boat.

Ah my heartless lover, today I went to hundred wars of roses, 

My eyes are blur,

My lips are aching 

No question of how my heart feels?

Silence knows, she died to all waiting today.

I became the no face of God,

The hand of love, 

No word, no voice,

I am broken.

God, mercy on my soul.

The mighty hawk landed in blood of my heart,

Let me die peacefully

In longing of union.

End my thirst,  end my prayers.

Touch my heart with a true love.

With ease and grace, break my human heart,

Embrace my soul.
Serena Seraphim