Had your way with me

​You had your way with me.

I gave up everything, 

journey around the world,

 for a moment alone with you. 

I kissed many stars, 

Slept uncovered 

beneath many moonlights.

One step at the time,

 I met all shadows and darkness

 hold our dance sacred and magical.

All the time, 

I look outside 

believing my doing

 is the cause of agony 

and beauty of the same longing. 

The trickster was 

laughing behind the veil.

 I am the effect of my being,

 until I got so soft 

and fluid that birds made 

a nest inside my heart. 

Joy flowered on my way to you, 

soundless and full of surprise.

You had your way with me and why not!

My heart melts with your name,

 my eyes are covered by  

wonders of two worlds.

Tears of an angel spread 

over the sky while stars 

drank from chalice of love.

I am alone, I am alone.
In aloneness I hold the universe, 

my alone heart 

became the mighty nightingale of heaven.

Alone, my beloved is here. 

Alone, I am shams, I am the one voice.

Alone, I am everyone. I am no one.
I made a home in aloneness, strangely since then,

I find you everywhere, enchanting my heart.

Please have your way with me more…

I alone know, who I am.

Nov 2017

Serena Devi