Journey into love..walking the talk.

Dear friends, 

Even when we are on a pathless path, we need a road. I am called to return to the road and in the next few days, I leave my serene and loving sanctuary which was a great offering, pampering and shelter from my dearest friend, Ann-Marie.  I am receiving blessings, abundance, love and grace beyond my believes. And as my heart burns deeper in fire of passion and alignment with Divine design, I enter a new process and open up to be moved by waves of life into more joy of being here and now.

If you wish to support my journey, I am available for talks, poetry in motion performance. Or if your heart is  drawn and initiated  by my words and wish for deeper intimacy with divine love and truth, I offer session 1-2-1 either in person or skype. ( It is on donation with a minimum payment, msg me direct please.)

Also you can make a donation toward my work
My website is under a construction and redesign like the rest of my life :). 

Return to UK and Brighton was an amazing experience and learning curve. It brought a crystal clarity about my purpose and also a deeper delve and connection with feminine principle and its nature. I have been living this path with openness and sometimes it required deadly encounters,   bravery walk from blood of human skin, years of solitude and stillness and now the new earth and work of collective universal consciousness brought us ease and divine grace to surf effortless toward our individual destiny and common  vision, Oneness of all.

Thank you.