Lips of God

​It comes once in a lifetime

But it leaves a footprint on your heart.
It touched the ground beneath,

It fills your being with fiercely passion,

It shakes you like a tornado,

It leaves you with no words,

Just ecstasy beating of your flesh

Yearning to be conquered 

by lips of his hunger

And Erection of his soul,

Ah mighty lover, I am a fragile leaf

Between your storms of desire.
Take what is yours

Let love sings the mystery inside my heart,

I have no words,

Just ink of my wanting

On white sheet of your bed.

Just my breath,

Bending to your air.

Humming of my soul

In clouds and tales of two lovebirds.
It comes once in a lifetime

To be in totality loved and adored 

By lips of God.

Serena Seraphim