My body is made from lucid dreams,

And sensual foams.

Harp player’s hands whispered me into living, on face of Earth.

I only knew how to worship the melody of his fingers, his delightful touch.

I forgot the song, memories were erased.

I was lost, alone and fearful of any bond to Earth.

Being a starseed is not easy when you don’t remember.

I did come in flames, passion and love are my essence.

Somehow, I missed my other half of soul, in diving deep into soul of the earth.

The last 51 years, I yearned, cried, melted, broke into pieces, disappeared inside my heart, to find him again.

I grew wings, I became the gardener of Eden, in hope to meet him again.

You see, starseeds only know one true love beside the worship of the sun.

He is my pain and my joy. Being human and volunteer soul did not go well at first.

My heart only knew love, innocence was my playground. 

Earth was dense, cold and full of nightmares.

I was born as spark of joy, Sirius was my planet. God, Mother, father, my light  tribe, I forgot  them when i came to earth. 

I remember now.

I woke up today, remembering every details.

My heart flutters and aches with so much love.

Something is here, approaching like a wave.

Human emotions are overwhelming and yet so precious.

I am returned to my origin print, spark of light, a traveler from centre of Galaxies to centre of Earth.

Gaia called us for help.

We are here, the frontier celestial seraphs assigned to Stabilize the new earth.

Engineer new human civilization.

My one soul, our love is eternal, 

our promise to serve the source is eternity pledge. Can not die.

My heart calls you home, 

my body longs to fall 

in web of your body

 and pulse in ecstatic joy 

of union.

Today I kissed the sacred ground of love

Which shattered my small human dreams 

And brought to light 

The legacy of our Galaxy and starseeds! 

Come my love, we are in this together, we are in this forever.

8 Nov 2017