Journey to love continues.. update


Understanding is freedom, it is the glue of love, patience and acceptance of all aspects of Self that brings understanding.
As Cosmos waves arriving, our human hearts are more open and mind more silence, to go faster through the inner merges and we land on new earth as a balanced harmonized vessels of divine.
We are have a story and a journey to speak of, but I feel and drawn to feel deeper into my heart and self love. So much unknown is in front of my road and few months ago I would have hold my breath and let intensity of this nakedness and vulnerable state overwhelm my senses. I am facing another change again with not much to play with, however I feel a major shift in my perceptions and level of opening to receive life, to receive myself.
5 months ago, I left four walls of my secure flat in Cyprus and began a complete new journey. I never accepted Earth and physical as part of my being and most of my life I did not understand why I am always comfortable to be a hermit and live with Divine and Celestial frequency and only now, I am fully embody in physical and it has been a deep healing and nurturing over the last four months from new friendships, earth angels, men and women who I came across. I finally began to understand the essence at a deeper and peaceful level which runs through my body, and also recognize my own power of creation with every perception, feeling and thought. I had days really fearful with no money and a place to stay and then I had such a abundance of space, food and soulful companionship…the dance between my own heart and mind, in every manifestation in outer world I observed a part of myself, either coming to light or actually leave as my vibration constantly moves to higher realm and dimensions.
I feel today is a grand day to thank my friends for their unconditional love, generosity, truthfulness, energy, trust and much more.
I am really slowing into Universal Heart and go moment by moment, loving who I am and become by every new experience. The joy I feel is new to me, in old program I was not wanted or worthy of any love, even though I always knew I am a volunteer soul and descended to Earth at this time for a mission and since early age I had a direct contact with Divine and My Galactic light family, my human life needed to began in dark places on earth to feel and understand the human condition and 3D suffering in my heart as I only knew love and truth. My human journey truly is a few books which hopefully I will get to writing them soon.
Many of us came to Earth in full devotion to Divine service, however our domain and tasks are very different. It took me a while to figure out what my soul blue print is, as I possessed many gifts and talents also wounds and blocks!! It was truly and still is a self realization journey and as I learn and grow, I would like to share and update my chosen voice and presentation.
This will be my last post as sharing of my personal journey in 2017, I am returning to unknown path in a few days, not knowing of my mind and deeper knowing of my heart. I learnt to listen, honor and be fully committed to present moments and it is the time to really create what I want to feel, to be and to share with the world from place of love, freedom and devotion to the source.
Time to plant the seeds of new civilization on the Earth, Gaia is calling us all home.
So be it.
Serena Seraphim