Pleasure of a Hermit

Fell in love with the first touch of sun,

The joy of not knowing of your warmth, 

mystery of opening up

 to born out of the cold nights of winter. 

Rays of light came down on my face,

And thirst for a new day visited the city of my heart.

The hermit opened her mouth in awe of earth,

Like a tempest she shakes in ecstasy under  the shower of the fluid love.
The pleasure in my flesh, it is the caged loneliness taking wing;

Ah into high mountains of feelings.

Now, mind asks all sort of questions, while heart is lost in gardens and fields of passion,

 joyfully yields to desires of body and soul.

The untamed wild crave of pleasure, 

when  the bee gathers sweet  honey 

from lips of the flower.

Music of soul brings forth the heart into heat of union, out of solitude, the bird fly.

Peace and beauty of dance between Earth and sky, 

Stars have heard her shouting among the mountains, as beauty of  a new day rise from roots of her wanting to remove the veil.
My body, my earth shall bear the seeds of your heart, your sun.

Trembling rose is born, awake into soft touch of dawn. 

The mystery of a new day  is greater than dazzling of glitters spread over by thoughts and emotions, 

Love whispers, be here, be your own sacred sun.

As passion touches  your heart by his fire and  tender hand, hermit enters.

Into the unknown valleys, meadows, 

magic of Now.

She glides between light and shadow 

Follow the pathless path.
Serena Devi