Journey continues… 

 Dear friends, 

Today is thanksgiving and few days away from my earthy Birthday. The last 10 days, I have been on a turbulence ride of dimensional shifts as well as clearing deeper and crystalizing  vibration plus I am homeless again and through grace of Divine so far have had received place to sleep in a bed and under the roof.
I wasn’t planning to come and share, but something strong from roots of essence wants to speak and I be truthful and the only action is really left to give away more of my things and go and sit at airport and be still and receive the love that I Am to cross over the veil and be more of love and surrendering.
My time in Brighton and UK has ended, if I want to keep myself here, I have to go and sit in streets, which is not align with my heart.

I love to spend my thanksgiving, xmas, rest of my life  in USA, California where my heart sings and dance. Where my belonging and mission rests. I am leaving a room named (Buddha, how amazing life is, )which came as a blessing in disguised and with £20 going to sit at Gatwick Airport to see what comes to meet in love, in unity and peace. And how the next step merges. 
If you feel the fire of devotion to divine destiny and surrendering to this bare walk on Earth in my heart and soul,  You are deeply appreciated to tune in with your heart and being and assist to manifest  this part of my journey with ease and grace. I do not know how this shapes, it is more than get the ticket, it is a shift in collective consciousness and alignment toward one vision. Unity.

I am a blue Ray star seed from Sirius, initiator of hearts, the burning one, Seraphim the worshiper of truth and divinity.   I was born to serve Gaia and humanity at this time and space. I am calling my Light and Earth  tribe.
Your support is welcomed in any form it arrives.
Thank you 


Photo: Buddha room that gave me a place to rest.