​It comes as a dead sharp knife

Through the dark night veil

The unknowing.

Is it the death or twilight

Lightening of pain inside my heart,

Must reach even deeper beyond hurt, even silence.
Where part of me is buried 

Without a gravestone,

How can I come back from this, 

my heart asks,

The answer hums into 

space of my aloneness, 

Like a peddling boat out of mist, 

Like a peak of mountain calling 

white eagles,

Like an epic story, 

written in blood and fury of grace.
Knowing is no longer a remedy,

 safety or the end.

Only my heart 

and the  tropical raindrops

 over the shadow of ones own feelings. 
Then it comes the victory, 

to live one more day free, 

belonging to no one, 

flying over fields, 

over blood, sands and sunflowers.

Life has spoken, I am heard.
Serena Seraphim
Artwork: by Blaithiel- Deviant Art