To you ~

There is a song in my heart,

Flower of our lovemaking,

Reaching out. Into stars. 

I risked everything 

For a moment 

Gazing into your eyes,

Touch your skin

With fire of my belly 

And hunger of my lips.

My heart hurting opens up

Your ethereal touch.
My voice is gone,

Walls are broken,

The secret is out,

Dropping from wings of 

 the dreamy butterflies.
Love is awaken in heart,

Body and soul, 

We began travelling the night,

Now, day is upon us,

Hands are open 

Circling around the sun

Drink from chalice of my heart,

The wine is the gift of heaven.
Pour your glass and rub your tongue

Around the edges of the world of my breasts

As my body arouse with your embrace,

Sweetness of your lips,

Fall on my mortal offering.
You are there, 

Awaken and powerful

Shiver of shakti inside your manhood

Brings tears of delight in my eyes.

If time stands still,

I kneel one more time

Adoring your flesh and taste 

The hidden beauty of wanting 

Between us.
My body could be any form,

But my flower is love.

My gift is a poem,

My fragrance is passion for your touch,

And my ultimate desire, the softy dreams 

And shyly light of coming out

To fall in love with you 

Again and again.

Do not disregard

this fading hum,

Might come and goes softly,

Might just echo the sound of your own heart.
If you close your eyes,

You hear the same longing, 

In full sail 

Into unknown ocean of feelings, 

Fear of no return,

Beyond human dreams.
Still here,

All courage has a destination, 

Following the heart’s desires,

Ah, by now 

All secrets are revealed, 

Naked soul holding the body of woman,

Unsure of all tomorrows,

Only certain of scent of you,

Inside her body, her heart 
No more,

listen to her song,

Chanting your name.
Serena Seraphim