Passion of God 

Please note:This poem is sexually explicit, 18+

If I can not see you,

If I can not touch you,

Across the chasm of time,

I reach out with all of wilderness of heart,

To taste the curve of your lips,

the fine line of your shaved face,

I inhale deeper i to your aroma mixed


Scent of lavender and  jasmine tea.

What is the price to have your heart open

And receive mine.

How easy I can fall into your embrace,

Beg for your tongue inside my mouth.

Do I want your body or your soul,

is this madness for your sex

or sound of your beating heart.

I confess, I do not know the mad heart,

She carves with her nails on skin of my hungriness

to feel you moving into my womb,

So loud you shout,

the ecstasy of our fluid pleasure in one river, coming together.

I want you all for my self, to give and take pleasure and joy.

Feel the tremble of your chest

while I run my finger tips

over your skin, down close to your forbidden part.

I hide behind my smile, I say no words, play cool and fun.

The ache is strong, longing to feel you inside my mouth.

This is God sexuality, sensuality,

a volcano of desire

to make love with no boundaries.

Naked bodies, transparent and exposed in sweat and body juice.

I want you everyday like this, hard and wet.

Taking me from behind.

I am mad with wanting,

I will calm down, I will be a friend.

I accept my fate,

My heart, body, soul must ended in dream

of meeting you in a body of a man.

I worshipped you in each one,

the time has come for you

to kneel on earth and lick the juice of my eternal desire  off my petals.

I am in love with wanting you,

hopelessly in love to touch and be touched.

Where can I go from here?

More into wanting,

he will cum.

He will come.