Gaia & Humanity

There is a deep dwelling in human form to be met, felt and expressed. A long journey within to the perfection of life, unfolding, receiving and becoming whole.

The humanness of our existence is a door way into greatness of creation between form and spirit. Every thought, movement, vision and action comes together in shaping the expression of life, divinity that breathe and exist in the flow of present.

There is no better time than present to turn pain into pressure. The freedom lies beyond perception and beliefs. At one side of human form, we grow up into borders and limitation of mind, feeling pulled by structures and demands and at the other side, there is a seed hidden within soil of Gaia in us. Chanting the magic of effortless living.

Imagine there is a generous, smooth river moving you effortless forward, ease into the flow. Float aimless and see the movement of your inner world. Some parts get tight and dark by just resting in present, letting go of plans, those parts have became prisoner in dungeon of many years’ conditions on human collective psyche. And then see the movement of  your feelings;  softer, freer and open to receive.

You meet this enthusiastic child, with eternal smile and energy, running up the mountain, singing chasing butterflies, lightened by joy and freedom. Unaware of her own beauty and sacredness, this playful child seek a companion butterflies. The good feeling of not knowing where she goes, what her smile touches and how magic of wings empowers her undiscovered feminine energy. Gaia, calling her, deeper into forests, above the clouds, into ocean of soft existence.

It does not matter the gender we travel as human, it is the mystery of our feelings, our longing to be expressed, heard and embraced in acceptance and love.

Years might pass before we realize the true meaning of acceptance and ease into our body.

Finding the balance between our earthy part and our soul blueprint requires time, silence, detachment to control or achieve any result or states of feelings. Finding peace in arms of spirit  is easy, landing on our own  feet, doing the alchemy work is much more challenging. In our lightness, we meet stars and moon after thunderstorms, we hear the melody of beyond in fairy stories, in dust of love sitting on our hearts. We want to love and believe in love. We know our essence consciously or unconsciously, we are longing to return to that peaceful state of being. Being at home with all we are, at all times.

 To find safety, freedom, truth and love all together. To blend mind and heart, to be expressed in full glory, to be human and feel whatever we feel without reservation or taboo. Without judgment or shame.

What always seemed hard and impossible is changing every step of the way, when we open to possibility of life without borders, or a centre of gravity. We move by universe,  moment by moment.  Without much of control or selective attitude only awareness of being fully in present. The more we allow room to this new experience and let go of outcomes, let go of all we ever believed is security, future, logic, the lighter we travel, the freer we become.

It is in going deeper into nature of our human form, we develop and activate the key  access appoints of soul journey and by anchoring in body, feeling everything as it is, we become part of a womb of creation, Gaia’s power and magic transforms and upgrades us with assistance of light and higher energies and bring the two worlds together in one space! Spirit and matter, in human body.

It is the waking up to our truth, as being a soul and traveler in physical  dimension and have access to unlimited resources provided by Universe at any giving moment, We rise as conscious creators. We can tune deeper into life that flows in our human vein. We can hear sparrows, the gentle sound of wind moving through tree branches. We get so still, we can see our heart vision coming to life, gentle, humbled and gracefully like the rest of nature, whispered by the heart of Gaia.

This is coming back to true humanity experience, after  lifetimes soul journey and gradual evolution.

 Is the liberation promised as enlightenment?  Where we are going after this? It does not matter when we become powerful observer, infinite possibilities will be the sky we take a flight into.

This is as simple as biting an apple and feeling the juice of sweet and sour running down our throat, it is juice of our lives, in throat of universe.

Our surrendering only comes after playing of many masks of ego, attachments, fear of our own greatness. Trusting life, committing to the truth at any cost, is the purpose of this journey as humans.

The paradox of existence is to observe the oneness in polarity experience and then fall deep, deeper than ever mind allow us to go, to none doing of womb of creation, only in that space, that silence, we can hear the beating of life, we are and free ourselves from thinking we are living!

Thinking rooted in mind which can only offer one function, rationalizing, constructs, categorizes objects  and issue actions, it is life in prison of Ego which does not exist and created by the sense and  the world of polarity. Only to assist to measure our life experiences and not translate. And so far in entire  human history, our rawness and wilderness as life in full possibilities and unlimited capabilities are translated and concluded without even being exams by any of us. Million years ago, our ancestors made a plan, the plan was surviving and created the unwritten believes and named it Civilization and book of rules and generation after generation, we lost part of our soul to survive as human while the only task asked from us is to thrive to our greatness in alignment with Gaia that beats in our blood. We are provided beyond measures and ability to experience everything we desire, and yet, between our high rises and bank accounts, our jobs and our weekend breaks, only few took initiative to be still enough and discover the space behind the creation. We called them Buddha, Jesus and Teresa of Avila! And now, we have new age masters and seekers which barely can be more than 2% of the entire world population.

We expect peace, love and joy of meeting sun and moon, stars and rain. We expect to feel happy and fulfilled. We expect safety and freedom. We expect recognition and understanding. We expect to be received and honored as who we are and we still refuse to see who we are. We expect to feel alive! Feeling alive is another layer of ego veil to lose. Full vulnerability and transparency is the key to unleash the mastery of universe within our human body.

But how could this be possible, when we deny our connection with Earth, with the source of life, provider for our every needs! And how we thrive to our Godlikeness, when we deny our sacred hearts.

The change is within us, and it is a daily promise that all creation follows except humans, insisting they own this life! They have a control on this life!

For life to be life, we need to surrender, we need to become still. So truth could be heard, and it won’t be a full figured out answer. Life is a self -realization of moments, experiences and forever unfolding of consciousness in matter.  It has no direction or aim as such but serving life. Our overthinking, over doing kills the oxygen of this transformation. The human disconnection with Earth and Above has caused imbalance and disharmony to the level that we no longer can deny the void we standing on.

Who can help us, who is our guide? Where can you start?

Slow down, really and truly slow down. Get your hands into soil of earth, listen to ocean, birds, your own heart. Truth is always here, in present and it takes courage to listen and follow without a map or companion but that is the only way forward. You knowing might not be tested or appreciated, you might be alone for a years before you meet your tribe. Your inner gifts are not yet perfect and challenges will rise. Your family and friends might not believe in you, stepping out of normal, following your truth! You will be tempted to give up many times, you might even give up and then cycle back again into river of truth.

To claim your divine power and your right to be here on earth, you need to trust yourself and have unshakable faith. Only one step at the time and there is never a guarantee in embracing your wholeness in one life! Might be more, it takes time to be free of time. To see beyond illusion and might be stages of delusion, of complete darkness before one sees the true light.

 Stay with Gaia, grounded in her power. Abundance and prosperity is a human right. Living free, in love and peace is Soul destiny. Between Earth and sky, you stand as who you are, surrender to your essence and witness, the power of One, moving and shifting the universe align with power of love, in you, through you and for you.

This is the magic that our ancestors didn’t believe and didn’t practice. We need to do different. We need to simplify, join together, trust the oneness beyond words and teachings.

We need to get to oceans, forests, mountains, we need to get shoeless, homeless and full of love. We need to make a friendship with winds and butterflies. We need to stop thinking ( Full Stop).

We need to surrender, to become still and fall in love with now, with sunshine, with music, with lips of love touching our human skin. We need to have no need for other reality. Just our hearts, just God, Just Earth, just beauty, just simplicity, sharing and offering.

Just loving.