Dear WordPress readers,

Please join and like my new wordpress page which is focused on NEW EARTH & CIVILIZATION.

This has been the last 10 years focus and vision and today I am giving it a Birth as part of my service to Gaia and Humanity. We have arrived to that moment that self Realization has to be on top of our list. We no longer can sleep walk or pretend by having things or doing things, we are happy and peaceful beings. Earth needs our care and attention or pretty soon we have no planet to live on.

On Home page is focused on awakening and what this vision means and how we can come together to manifest the related projects. On blog page, I post couple of times weekly, design and plans as it goes on.. Please if you feel strongly about AWAKENING, NEW EARTH, ENERGY and How we can make a difference, please participate, send me a message and be involve.


Thank you