Mission Declaration & Calling of Hybirds

In The Beginning Was Quantum

Being aware is life invitation to all possibilities for grow and evolution, regardless of the appearance of events and encounters, we are all self- initiator to be more of love. This desire has been my burning desire since I discovered my human borders and heard my name called by family, society and all ties and believes, conditions and wounds that came together to motivate and fuel my heart to take this epic adventurous journey into unknown within and without.
I lived a mystical and mythical life since I remember, trusting and trying to understand life with no prejudice and judgment has been part of my devotion and loyalty to the source of all.
I had my share of wounds and suffering and as I made my way to deeper water of feelings, they became transparent and my thoughts that once was a prison of dealing with everything and everyone including myself from my mind perception became hallow and untrue. It would be wrong to conclude anything in sense of human and soul, as we all witnessing something far bigger and even truer is happening in parts of us which considers invisible and either we face it as volunteers and fore-runners or eventually will be dragged into embracing all aspects of humanity and heal ever unattended wound, no matter of level of our conscious in direction with our soul mission and direction we choose to walk and be expressed.
Therefore we need to really step into silence as only purity of such a space could offer liberation and freedom which is the common DNA in all of our existence, in all dimensions, also the legacy we are destined to leave behind for the Earth and Gaia.
On personal and body levels, we are receiving higher density in form of energy and purification called embodiment and as we all move closer to truth of I AM, our understanding and experiencing unites and shapes our walk on the New Earth, as Gaia also opened to her full of potential to be considered as a host planet for new higher level of consciousness beyond human forms.
Currently, most of Ascended Masters and Way shores are directed to spread the teachings, transmute the coding of light into verbal information and make it available to all awaken or in a process of awakening. At another level, what is the bigger picture of such a phenomenon (never happened before in history of Earth) this full alignment between Spirit and Matter?
Are we ready to be fully transformed and rewired completely to change the history of the Creation and not just Earth, but the new Civilization which shall rise after the complete rebirth from 2018 forward?
Are we prepare to live without gravity and in freedom to be connected with all elements, in full devotion and power to be an instrument of Divine and let every breath be a music new to our ears and ancient to our hearts?

I walked alone most of my life and it is still makes me feel emotional when I speak of that “I”, however, I take breath into my heart and then courage smiles, joy arrives, the bliss of the invisible that with my every act or not act, with my sincere nakedness and unbelievable detachment I have followed passionately and full committed explodes in my human veins and I know and I remember, who I am and why I needed to walk my path in a certain way and experience depth of unworthiness and fear of every living human to be able to stand as a living Voice and embrace and heal the wounds of mothers, children of the Earth. As I never bear a child and yet all I know is to stand as UNCONDITIONAL
and seek no more, as I am dead and what lives in my breath is the Breath of One.
In unity, I call the Hybirds, the mountains, and the stone people. I call the truth Warriors, the Devotee to Throne of One, I AM the Rise of Aquarius, the gentle music from Beyond. It is time for all of us to live clothe less, in sameness and simplicity. It is time to welcome the Sun into every cell of our body and actions.
We are here as future, we are the Engineer of a Grand happenings, we build Cities of joy, we dance over oceans, and we share pearls of delight. We are Magical Beings Together. I am the voice, The messenger, The nightingale and as I listen to My divine Father/Mother, I shower the soil of earth with my tears of truth and abundance of my heart, so we all shall receive as our divine gifts are not solely belong to us.
Time to get focus, align to whatever domain we are guided to.

I am Seraphim, in service of Truth.

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If you are called for and feel align with energy of Unity & New Earth Civilization.
Thank you.

Serena Seraphim (Devi)