Tribute to 2017

Now and here, silence is the truth of my heart, worshiping, loving and celebrating who I Am. Who others appear in my eyes and lovingly touch my existence, offering space for more Self-love and Self-worth as a body/soul until eternal become the full presence in emptiness of this walking vessel.
In 2018, my full commitment and devotion is to consciously channel and follow the Divine’s Will  to serve my mission, my burning passion, my ultimate devotion to God. To love everything equal and unconditional, to stay neutral and be the flow of nature as a perfect contributor to the holiness of life, on Earth and beyond, so far beyond the imaginable, only possible in light of Divine. 
 we shall rise to glory of our hearts promises to our Creator/God/Father/Mother/All.

I offer my true gratitude to 2017, the most challenging year of the final cycle of 9 years of being  held in sacred womb of Alchemy, transformation, activation, cleansing, rewiring and returning to original blue Ray that I Am.
I thank and appreciate sincerely and truly all events, happenings,  reflections of friends, family, encounters, lovers, teachers, supporters, and my light Tribes on Earth and Stars for safe keeping, loving, honouring and nourishing my well-being and  presence as I walk the pathless path of truth into full embodiment of Divine love.

May we all surrender to Ultimate love, the source of All. đź’—