Follow your heart

 Embarking a new journey in the coming few days, not knowing anything, anymore.

Only poetry can speak of core my heart, human and soul, I kneel in front of the final initiation of my purpose, may I receive whatever is required to move forward with grace and ease.
~new poem,   follow your heart

When everything we know has completely erase, washed away and  gone,

When moon and the path have become one,

When each step sounds like a laughter of God,

When each breath becomes full of light,

We know then the worth of our own hearts and the carved passage by aches.
How strong I am, I ask myself,

to take another leap of faith? 

No choices seem mine, 

still owns my illusions and my epic dreams.

Heart knows the only way is to move forward,

Measure nothing except the depth of love, devotion to what beats inside.
What challenges await to unveil the master within? Or is it the silence chanting the secret way to be embraced by the mighty one?
I could not stop now. Each day, something new arrives full of a promise, like seeds of melon, like a smell of jasmine,  or a kind touch of friendship, telling me there is always a blessing in the face unknown.

Listen to music of your heart, watch the masterful fingers of Divine, pulling the strings,

And hum, and sometimes it is okay to scream, to cry, to stay without words and only tears,

It always come back and play more…

Suddenly a new day comes with magic, miracles and new waves of momentum.


I am listening into his eyes, packing again, this time everything is gone. My suitcase is light, empty almost, my feet unsure and heart again full of ache.

What can you say to the lord of love? When it calls you by name? 

Serena, sail on your little boat into vast ocean of unknown, hold on nothing, 

Love will hold you safe, strong and pure. 

You are entering to towering magnificence of your soul destiny,

Fire and ice

A stargate between heaven and earth.

Be the Master you are, follow your heart.

Serena Seraphim 7pm 1/1/2018